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Google Finance hk If you visit, you will find a lot of Google products available online. Google finance hk is one of those products that many like to search. Finance begins with a snapshot of the HK and mainland market. You will see a list of news headlines and an overlay chart of Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng China Enterprises Index, The Shanghai Composite Index, The Shenzhen Component Index 


Scroll down the page, you will find latest-related news and stories of financial. You can browse the headline about the major markets. You may click links to skim over an extensive database of company profiles that include all of any organization's related stock information. There is list of links. You can find helpful information for your investing decision.


Keeping scroll down,  a 'Trends' widget sitting next to it shows price Google Finance searches and can be changed to show the most dramatically increased and decreased stock prices of the day. It will tell you how many points up or down, total market capitalization, and the volume of the stock. You also can track a single stock; it is fairly easy to operate. At the top of the site, there is a search bar where you can type the company name or the stock code itself, and it will directly take you to the stock information for that stock. On that page, you will acquire all of the main information that fits your need.


Close to the bottom of the page, you will be able to see a graph of the price change by category overview. It will tell you the percentage of price change most active stocks from the past day to the life of the stock. Everything about the stock is all in one place, making it extremely handy to use.


To the left of the page, there is an extremely powerful tool- the Google Stock Screener. You may take the screener for a spin and pick out a stock instead of typing in a stock code for a quote. Originally, the screener's default criteria are market cap, P/E ratio, dividend percent yield, 52 week price change. While, these criteria can be removed easily and add new criteria based on your desire.


Either business people or individual can use Google Finance. Besides business owners financial activity, everyone should spend some time to do some research on current investment options for improving personal finance management level. It is beneficial in maintaining a happy, healthy family. These investment activities can be easily tracked directly from Google Finance.


Above all, Google Finance hk provides users of lots of opportunities to gain an edge in the market by supplying them with priceless information about companies, investment options, and even current currency exchange rates. Anyone and everyone on earth can get something from Google Finance. Along with the help of Google Finance, you will get great successful in your personal investment interest.


Google Finance HK

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Hong Kong
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